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More About Native Ohio

Native Ohio Plants was established out of a love for conservation.  I have been involved with elimination of non-native invasive plants, and replacing them with native plants.  I created a nursery to produce container-grown trees, shrubs, and wildflowers to establish on my property.  As production of the plants began to outpace my own personal needs, the need arose to announce the availability of plants to others.

The goal of Native Ohio Plants is to promote conservation practices, and provide native plants to others with similar interests, so there will be greater sources of food and shelter for regional wildlife.  This goal is accomplished by offering seasonal sales or through events sponsored by area parks, nature centers, or other conservation oriented organizations, whereby proceeds can be donated to those organizations. 

My experience has revealed that there are limited sources for native plants.  This appears to be so, largely because of the lack of profitability, due to a relatively limited market, as well as the propagation challenges and slow growing nature associated with some species.  Many of you may have found sources of native plants in bare root form, only to be disappointed by high mortality rates.  In some cases, bare root plants may have originated from a different climatic region, but also, bare root plants don’t afford the same survivability rate as do containerized plants, plus containerized plants can be purchased and planted during a wider range of seasons.    

Similarly, customers may experience disappointment with native plants purchased at local nurseries, because their stock or seed originated from other regions.  Since most species of native plants exist across extensive ranges, just because it is native by name doesn’t necessarily mean they are actually native and acclimated to the Ohio climate.  If the plant or seed originated from a different region, it may not thrive in Ohio, and even more likely, it may not produce viable seed.  This is very important, if you want the plants to eventually self-propagate.  All plants at Native Ohio Plants originate from local sources.

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